Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750
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Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750 Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750

Samsung 27" QHD 144Hz Space Monitor S27R750

  • £279.00
  • Save £120

  • 27" Screen Size
  • 2560 x 1440WQHD Resolution
  • VAPanel Type
  • Expand Your Desk Area

What are Grades? 

Grade A: Ex-display model.

Immersive Space-Saving Design

Discover a spacious desk space with the Samsung Space Monitor, featuring a 27” screen that offers stunning WQHD (2560x1440) image quality, and super-smooth 144Hz refresh rates for fluid gaming. This sophisticated design features a 3-sided bezel-less screen for unadulterated immersion and a zero-level HAS (Height Adjustable Stand) for viewing comfort. When not in use, the Samsung Space Monitor pushes back to sit flat against a back wall and leaves your entire work surface clear. When it’s time for use, simply pull the Space Monitor towards you and adjust to your chosen viewing position. The clamp is designed to be securely attached to desks and tables for easy installation. The hard-wearing hinge on the stand promises sleek screen positioning time and time again. Multitask and accomplish your workload with PIP, PBP modes and Easy Setting Box software. This space-saving monitor hides your cables appropriately and includes HDMI and Mini Display ports.

Techedge 1 Year RTB Warranty

Beat the conventional

The Space Monitor enables you to use more of your workspace. In a side-by-side comparison on a 47.2 inch x 19.7 inch (120cm x 50cm) desk, the Space Monitor provides up to 40% more usable surface area than a conventional monitor of equivalent size (Samsung

View your images in stunning quality

Enjoy your photos, videos and games in spectacular WQHD (2560x1440) quality. The 27” Samsung Space Monitor delivers more screen space and amazingly realistic WQHD visuals with nearly 1.7x the pixel density of Full HD monitors. Not only does Samsung deliver incredibly detailed images it also creates a wider workspace that allows you to view more of your documents and webpages.

Smoother Gaming with a 144Hz Refresh Rate

The 27” Space Monitor features a super-fast 144Hz screen refresh rate, which ensures flawlessly smooth action scenes even in games with high frame rates. Plus, you can modify the refresh rate to 60 Hz/120 Hz when its necessary.

Zero-Level Height Adjustable Stand

The Space Monitor features a zero-level HAS (Height Adjustable Stand), which allows relaxed placing of the screen for optimum comfort and convenience. Its best-in-class adjustment span allows viewing from a height of 8.4 inches (213 mm) above the desk top (27-inch screen) all the way down to surface level.

Adjustable to Your Eye Level

The Samsung Space Monitor can be quickly and smoothly raised or lowered to the optimum viewing height for any user and any purpose, making it a flexible solution for use at home or in public spaces such as libraries.

Hassle-Free and Easy Installation

The stand on the Samsung Space Monitor features an integrated clamp for swift and easy installation. The design is adjustable up to 3.54 inches (90 mm), allowing the Space Monitor to be firmly attached to desks and tables with a varied range of depths.

The Most Reliable and Robust Hinge

The Space Monitor’s stand features a robust hinge that guarantees stability and delivers a reliable performance. Developed using Samsung technology and tested within to undergo over 5,000 movements, this durable hinge promises smooth and precise screen positioning time after time.

Optimal Multitasking with Display Modes

The Samsung Space Monitor features modes designed for multitasking – BP displays input from two sources on the screen at their native resolution. PIP lets you resize the second source to up to 25% of the screen and position it anywhere. And with Samsung’s screen- splitting Easy Setting Box software, you can instantly arrange windows for optimal multitasking.

Stylish 3-Sided Bezel-less Screen

The Samsung Space Monitor is built with a slim panel featuring a 3-sided bezel-less screen, which offers an understated stylish solution for any workplace or home interior.

Neat and Tidy Concealed Cables

The Space Monitor's stand neatly conceals its power/HDMI Y–cable in recessed chases to prevent tangling and keep your work space clear and free from any clutter.